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What to Expect from a Las Vegas Mobile Massage

Are you visiting Las Vegas? You’re not alone! 41 million people from around the globe make the trip annually to the sparkling Las Vegas Strip to experience the shows, the food, the casinos, and the natural beauty. We <3 our visitors. They really make this city one of a kind. There are so many ways to indulge in the pleasures both on and off the Strip. One of the most wholesome and rejuvenating ways to relax and recover from those late nights out is through the joy of receiving a massage. While there are many exorbitant massage offerings inside casino spas and many much cheaper offerings on just about every corner, 702 Bodywork offers a unique experience that prioritizes professionalism, convenience, value, and luxury.

In an effort to bring some tranquility to the heart of Sin City, we provide in-room individual and couples massage in hotels on the Las Vegas Strip as well as inside the Valley. 

Through our quick and easy online booking process, you’ll make an online profile and enter your credit or debit card info, although you won’t yet be charged. You’ll select a 60-, 90-, or 120-minute individual or couples massage, and be able to choose the date and time that work best for you. We will connect with you over the phone to confirm your appointment availability and ensure that all of your personal requests are heard and understood prior to your session. On the morning of your appointment, we’ll reach out to confirm your session time. 5 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment, one of our professionally licensed, insured, and vetted massage therapists (who all have extensive bios available on our website) will meet you at your guest elevators, most likely at the security desk as key cards are required for entry into many hotel towers. While your therapist sets up your relaxation space with a plush massage table and quality linens, you’ll complete another verbal intake with them to ensure that your focus areas and specific requests are addressed during your session. At this time, your temperature, lighting, and music requests will be honored. The utmost respect for your privacy and comfort will always be respected with professionalism and genuine care as your therapist will step into your hotel washroom to sanitize while you disrobe to your comfort level. Some clients will choose to remain fully clothed while others will choose to fully disrobe. Proper professional draping will always be used which may include spa drapes, diaper drapes, and half-body drapes. For the next 60, 90, or 120 minutes, you’ll be responsibility-free and on the receiving end of deep, intentional relaxation interwoven with body, mind, and soul healing. Our therapists use only high-quality oils, lotions, and tools. You may be guided into your breath to further your body’s relaxation response and increase the efficacy of the work. When your session is complete, your therapist will once again give you privacy to redress while they sanitize. A session overview will be provided to you by your therapist’s experience and interpretation of your tissues and energy responses during the massage. Working within their scope of practice, they may provide you with additional information, resources, exercises, advice, or guidance toward ways that you can continue your healing in Las Vegas and at home. Your payment will be charged to the credit or debit card you have on file at this time. You’ll be reminded to drink some water, get some rest, and enjoy the remainder of your experience in Vegas, baby.

Remember that massage is going to move lots of fluids, toxins, and energy throughout the body which means that anything your body is processing will be exacerbated by the massage. Over the 24-72+ hours following the bodywork, you may experience postural/structural changes, bodily responses, mood shifts, emotional releases, or toxin removal by way of natural elimination processes.

When you choose to work with 702 Bodywork as your Las Vegas in-room massage provider, you can be confident in knowing that your comfort, massage preferences, and goals are our top priority. Our wellness practitioners have honed their skills through years of study and practical application on a myriad of clientele using unique modalities like Lomi Lomi, Thai massage, Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Myofascial Release, Active Release Techniques, PNF stretching, and Craniosacral Therapy.

Ready to book your relaxation or natural pain management massage? We are open 9a-9p 7 days/week with 24-hour access to appointment booking requests. Give us a call at 702-505-9019, use Luna, our friendly AI bot, or see our Appointment Request calendar to quickly secure your new favorite Las Vegas self-care.

Aubrey Oiler

Licensed Massage Therapist and Integrative Nutrition Student Practitioner
Upon her quest to a quiet mind, she discovered that bodywork was so much more healing than she could have imagined. Today her personal practices of meditation, breathwork, qigong, yoga, and dance all meld together to inform her bodywork sessions. She works from the perspective that we are all bio-individuals with unique needs, fears, desires, traumas and modes of healing.
At 702 Bodywork, we are in the business of relaxation by helping clients reduce their stress and pain.
We merge the art and science of massage therapy to create a holistic approach to the physical, emotional and spiritual through a safe and supportive experience for our clients in Las Vegas.
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